feel free to share with family & friends!! Don’t forget to add a hint of nutmeg to the cinnamon filling! I’ll have to check out the pumpkin spice rolls and the rest of your website. I’ve never braved making cinnamon rolls but I might try these! And as a momma I totally understand what your going through. I’m gonna try it again without doing a double batch and try a little cup of applesauce instead of peeling and chopping apples to see if that speeds it up a bit. I made this loaf for dinner the other night and loved it! If you try anything out please let me know how it goes. I’m pretty sure Earth Balance has a palm oil free version , though I’m not sure it’s soy free…. Thankfully each year gets easier as they get older. Cinnamon. Do you think there would be a way to substitute whole grain flour? I do like meatloaf, and my husband and I both eat meat, but we’re also very into vegetarian cooking. I just made these last night… Amazing!!!! Hi! He loved them, too. I now see that you have an updated “revisited” version of this recipe that clarifies the flax egg step and also simplifies the recipe. Thank you! Taste just as good? Then I take it out and bake the glaze onto the top in the toaster oven. What about serving it with an unsweetened marinara sauce? Thank you! I just wanted to clarify…do I need to specifically use green lentils? I have always despised all seafood – I think it’s 75% the texture. I’ve had great results when storing them in the fridge after the second rise. The past few years have been amazing and intense and emotional and exhilarating and exhausting. I already notice things getting a bit easier with Adriana now that she’s moving closer to 3. Would you just replace the flour with an all purpose gluten free flour or would a rice flour work better? Do you mean we make a flax egg (which I don’t see listed in ingredients, but I believe it’s adding ground flax and water) and add that (and that is separate from the additional ground flax? Do you think the recipe would work well with cashews? I like to mix my vegan recipes up. It doesn’t sound mean at all! All the best to you in 2011 :). Hope you love the recipe when you try it :). Does it freeze well? We enjoyed our lentil loaf with sautéed spinach greens and applesauce! This is the best vegan main dish that I have ever made. substancial - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. My guess is that they could be okay in the fridge for 24 hours (just wrap the pan tightly so they don’t dry out)? I was wondering if i could substitute the flax seed for some other binding ingredient. I shared them with all of my non-vegan friends, and one even said they were better than any non-vegan cinnamon roll she’d ever had! Could a jam replace it? These sound absolutely delicious! And when you’re taking the time to make something with a bit more effort like cinnamon rolls, you want it to be worth your effort. Sandy, Hi, I know this is an old post but I’ll be making this for Thanksgiving and I just needed clarification on something. I’m so happy you tried them and loved them Kara…thanks! Thanks so much for the warm words :) And, if you decide to try the recipe, I hope you enjoy the cinnamon rolls :). My guys are almost seniors and I wish I could say it gets easier – in some ways it does (the physical demands decrease) – really it just gets demanding in a different way. 1 / 67g left. These look yummy and can’t wait to bake them tomorrow! :). Thank you But the flavor… perfectly balanced, down to the judicious amount of red pepper flakes. So basically it was a hit! I'm vegan and often get the question: What do you eat? im dying for cinnamon rolls today, but don’t have any vegan butter at home…, Hey there, I think a blog reader may have reported on this in the comments: (One of my pals said they remind her of her grandmother’s cinnamon rolls!) I’ve read that you can make powdered sugar in a Vitamix from regular granulated sugar (I like the idea of using a non-refined sugar) by just blending it for a bit–but I worry that it would sand-blast the plastic blender pitcher. So much easier and surprisingly more delicious! So glad you loved it. How long’s it usually take you, start to finish, on this one? With a pastry brush, spread the remaining melted butter onto the dough, covering the entire surface. Thanks! Just thought you should know that the gluten free flour worked for me!! First off, a few commenters have suggested using a mix of flours in order to healthy-up these cinnamon buns, and I would like to second this suggestion. Add 2 cups of flour into a large mixing bowl. I didn’t have time to do the full make-ahead option, so I just made the dough and let it rise in the fridge overnight and did the remaining steps in the morning, so that’s a semi-make-ahead option if anyone is inclined ;) I thought I’d add my other substitutions and changes for anyone curious: Because I refuse to make anything with all white flour, I opted to do half and half to start. Thank you, can’t wait to make them!!! Hey Lori, thanks for letting us know about the arrowhead gf success! Im so happy to hear that Lora. It was “just OK”. I’ve been making cinnamon buns for many years, and substitute just over half the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour (I use the PC Organics brand). Melt 1/3 cup butter in a small saucepan over low heat. I probably wouldn’t try 100% whole wheat flour as it could be drying. Thank you so much for creating & sharing this lovely recipe! it has a great texture and like I think of those pizza places that sell those cinnasticks… SO I’m going to prep ahead tonight and try tomorrow morning, I will report back *CROSS FINGERS!!!!*. Great recipe! My extended family is very meat-centric and I am not. I used the one in your cookbook. I love making cinnamon rolls from scratch. Set aside for about 6 to 7 minutes so the yeast can activate (it’ll look foamy when ready). Just made this for dinner yesterday…amazing. I shared them with all of my non-vegan friends, and one even said they were better than any non-vegan cinnamon roll she’d ever had! Dough is very forgiving, rose beautifully, very fluffy and it just melts in your mouth. It looks absolutely gorgeous and worth the grief it gave you. If so, How much would you suggest I use to make your cinnamon rolls? This will be my new “meatloaf” recipe. I’ve tried different vegan cinnamon roll recipes. I would definitely make it again. It will definitely be making an appearance this Christmas! Hi Angela, I made the loaf the day before but only cooked it yesterday and it turned out great :) thanks again! :) In the meantime, if you give it a try, please let us know how it goes! Working off my Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls recipe from way back in 2010, I made a classic cinnamon roll—vegan styles, of course. You are my #1 chef!!! This is why I always process my ingredients together when I make a loaf, too! I’m stoked to make this for my work’s christmas party – we’re lucky enough to have a few vegetarians, and I’m happy to provide a ‘main dish’ for us non-meat eaters. My family and friends looove the recipes I make that are yours. (For cookies and muffins, I use 100% whole wheat flour.) Eating vegan has made me so much more creative with my cooking. Stuffed Cabbage rolls are such a great comfort food. I have many dietary limitations and can’t have any vinegars, nor any form of sugars. I’m so happy you found them worth the wait, Brittany! I’ve made these a couple of times and I love the make ahead option! It’s appreciated! If you have leftovers, you can wrap them up and chill them in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Ohhhhhhh, rolls just amazing. I’m sorry I haven’t tried GF flour, but I think there were some comments from successful blog reader attempts. The goal is to create a lentil paste while still leaving about 1/3 of the lentils intact. Might be worth taking a peek! Meanwhile, make the cinnamon sugar filling. I need more great recipes like this please x. Yummy, It looks delicious and beautiful. Not sure if this was okay to do from a health point of view, but I left them to rise all night in the oven with the light on. :). Hi Hilary, I’m so sorry to hear that! So happy you and your friends loved them. It is so so good, and the vegan cream cheese frosting is delightful. https://joannesreadingblog.wordpress.com, Thanks so much for the shout-out, Joanne! The dough was soft and easy to roll out, but my rolls did not rise at all during the 45 minute rise after rolling and cutting. Hey Ilona, Oh thanks for clarifying! Once you have finished rolling the cabbage rolls and the sauce has been cooking for 10 minutes, place all the cabbage rolls in the sauce and cook for another 10 minutes. Add the red pepper flakes, if using. We’ve been struggling also with recipes! Maybe a 50/50 blend of white to whole wheat pastry flour? My suggestion would be to use room temperature almond milk as chilled milk may solidify the coconut oil. I used a combination of coconut and date sugar instead of cane and it turned out just as delicious and sweet. Sooo good, thanks! Definitely going to let my wife make this for me and my son tonight. It is seriously so freaking good. I was a vegan in my early 20s, and I “came home” to veganism earlier this year. Wrapped it in a sour cabbage leaf, used Passata with a touch of maple syrup for the sauce, and out it in the slow cooker. Have you ever thought of creating your own vegan creamcheese recipe? There are quite a few steps, but don’t panic! Definitely made me appreciate all the moments more even the tough ones because I was there. I will definitely have to try these asap. Carefully remove cabbage rolls … For the balsamic reduction: In a medium saucepan, bring the vinegar to a low boil over medium-high heat. I haven’t tried making a homemade version before, but I would like to try in the future. So happy to see a post Angela :)…I have been reading your blog from the beginning and still check several times a week in hopes for a new post as it is always inspiring to read your words and see your recipes. I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer when my youngest was 6 months old and then colon cancer when my girls were 2 and 4. It’s funny – I had been laboring over getting just the right veggie burger recipe since the summer, and it didn’t “gel” until I processed some of the ingredients in the food processor. Roll the dough into a large rectangle, approximately 20 by 14 inches. I have brown lentils and French green lentils. Hi Cat, I haven’t tried a full 1:1 swap myself, so I’m not sure. Thanks, Ashley! Somedays I feel like a total failure, others a total success…the ebb and flow of life I suppose. I can’t wait to try them the next time I need to make a dessert :) Your website is fabulous. It was perfect! I find that it does crumble at fist, but oddly enough when I refrigerated it and take it out the next day for leftovers, it stays together! I don’t think we have organic apples (or pears) here in the Philippines, as far as I know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF_b13N_w6s&feature=youtu.be. I did one batch with regular flour and one with Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 gluten free flour (my grandma has a hard time with gluten) and it still turned out amazing! I think it turned out really well and that glaze on top looks so good. After I saw that I realised you are a fellow Canadian! Leftovers are even better. Emma doesn’t “just” teach Peloton classes—she’s also a dancer and a model. Fat 66g. Can’t it just be acceptable to eat them all??? Thanks! These were the best Christmas morning cinnamon rolls ever! I know this is an old post so I am not sure if you will get this, but do you have any advice on a sub for the walnuts? When I place my tray of buns into the oven for their last rise, I don’t cover them at all. -Amberdubs, Thank you! So here’s my tweaks in case it helps anyone: My stepmom made this ages ago, and I had to come back and look this recipe up again! :), I’ve been waiting patiently for these! I have this in the oven right now, can’t wait to see how it turns out!!! I’m so glad you tried it out. One of the best things about being a Mom is other Moms! Sometimes the dough doesn’t rise as much as other times and I am still troubleshooting this, but it doesn’t matter because they are seriously delicious no matter what. Hi, this looks yummy! Hi! It’s too easy to get lulled into thinking ‘because it’s vegan, nutrition data isn’t important’….. a calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from. This Lentil Walnut Loaf was amazing! Thanks, Angela! I’m kind of embarrassed I’m 60 years old and I’ve been afraid to use yeast in a recipe. Discover (and save!) I have made this many, many times, everyone loves it. Happy New Year! You should have 10 to 12. I’m so happy to hear you loved the recipe, Leigh! I do recommend taking the time to look at the pictures before making the loaf–I misread the part about the parchment paper and only lined the pan’s bottom–no handles for me. As for making it ahead, I recommend the following method: :) I hope you enjoy these cinnamon rolls when you get a chance to give the recipe a go! I’m confused about that flax egg. We’re making these on Saturday in advance of Mother’s Day…I can’t wait to enjoy these in bed!! I may be weird but I prefer cinnamon rolls without toppings. I made these and they are incredible, thank you so much for yet another winning recipe. This was so delicious! I thought cinnamon rolls were something that just couldn’t be made from scratch and taste good! To assemble the cabbage rolls, pour a small amount of the tomato puree on the bottom of a 9x13 casserole dish. I’m glad you persisted and made another mouth watering recipe. You might be able to follow a cinnamon roll bread machine recipe online as a general guide (while using my ingredients?). I’ve been trying to adapt some of our favorite family recipes. Can you substitute coconut oil for vegan butter? I would imagine it mattering depending on the level the dish is placed in the oven. These were literally the BEST cinnamon buns I have ever tried! Hey Mo, I would suggest using gluten-free breadcrumbs if you can. Angela, would I be able to prep this one day and cook it the next? I have fallen in love with your blog, Angela! :). These look so so so yummy. :). :) I may have to try a test run before Christmas! Thanks! After discovering this recipe a year ago we have made these as a family MANY times. So happy to hear the recipe worked out so well for you. Simply follow the recipe until you complete the second rise. I recommend finding the items you use most often and always have them on hand. Hi Angela, Lol Can’t wait to try the veggie and chickpea burgers next. We also have a hard time not inhaling the whole dish. 02 (4.70) Christina's man Dixon is home. So I cooked initially 24 minutes, then kept putting it back in up to 30-32 minutes. Thanks for all you do! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We usually buy cinnamon rolls (thank goodness for so many vegan options) and had only made them from scratch once (not the best). (If you’re in the states) you can find Miyoko’s palm oil free vegan butter at many health food stores. I am not a meat loaf lover, but I definitely wouldn’t mind giving this a try. Though I cook for friends would be economical if I could freeze portions. I like to let the loaf pan sit on the counter for 15-20 minutes or so before cooking (so it’s not stark cold from the fridge) and that way the cooktime is a bit closer. I’m sure it will make a great addition to your book one day :). I had a craving for it today and am too lazy to look for my book today so came on here. I love lentil loaf! Thank you so much for this recipe! Hey Karin, We had this yesterday morning too…such a treat! I love that they are so soft…. I get frustrated the first time something I make doesn’t turn out, and then I never make it again!! So excited to try these this weekend. 1,167 Followers, 291 Following, 11 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from abdou now online (@abdoualittlebit) Since this post was a while back I was wondering if you had any luck or tried GF substitutions with this recipe. Thank you so much for all of the delicious vegan recipes! I can’t wait for my family to try them. Best wishes and good cooking in 2011. I thought of this as well, I think it would work wonders! I’d like to find a less sweeter alternative as well for the frosting. Definitely going to be making this! With the scant 1/4 cup melted butter remaining in the pot, stir in the 2 1/2 tablespoons of brown sugar until combined (this is the pan sauce). That was my big goal as I was writing it up, and I’m so glad I hit the mark. Just tried this, it is scrummy!!! But the cost of quality ingredients is what scares me from having too many baking ‘flops’ haha. I promise, as long as you read everything over before you begin, you'll be fine—they're actually quite easy to make. Then arrange the 8 parboiled (and drained) cabbage wedges into a deep 9 x 13 baking dish. If you try anything out please let us know how it goes. Can I use coconut oil instead of vegan butter for the dough and sugar filling?? I tried to make these but my dough didn’t seem to rise :( yeast was foaming, and I followed the directions exactly but my dough was definitely not as ‘sticky’ as you described when I was kneading. Im usually scared of tufu in pies…does it have a weird texture? The gluten free dough was really hard to work with since it was such a different texture, but after the final bake, they were perfect!! Do you have a recommendation for another kind of glaze? :). Thank you so much for the feedback! Let me know how it goes! SUBSCRIBE for more Oh She Glows plant-based recipes: https://goo.gl/2tnBlq. “Want cinnamon rolls prepped for breakfast the next day? Hope this helps! I once had a bunch of crumbly lentil loaf to deal with, and found it was great with sweet potatoes and onions, fried up in a sort of “hash.” And I love the taco idea too! I use a 9 inch x 5 inch loaf pan. My husband has been bothering me to make meatloaf and I’ve been avoiding it for awhile…no excuse now! A bit of extra work the first time I made it, but now it so fast and so yummy! Lookso great. Can’t wait to try them, thanks for sharing. Why the heck didn’t I have one already? I tried this recipe because I’m trying to force “Meatless Monday” into our weekly routine. You might not need to use as much but taste it before putting it on top and you should be fine. Wish me luck ;). in the final mixing until it felt and sounded like a traditional meatloaf raw mix. I know we’ll both love them!! We are big fans over here at my house. lol. One of my best friends is a vegan, and I think I’ll make these for her for breakfast on her birthday next week! I hope you just love these rolls if you give the recipe a try, Davin! Angela – I made this last night and it was amazing (absolutely no crumbling!). I followed the recipe with no substitutions. All rights reserved. Thanks for the heads up. These cinnamon rolls will hopefully be a big hit and one less thing she feels like she has to live without! Thanks for the make-ahead option. I hope you enjoy it Angela…do you mind sharing how it goes if you try it out? This looks amazing, so excited to try this! recipe to make with your kids. Everyone – adults and toddlers – gobbled them up this morning for our Christmas treat. Definitely on my list for recipes to try. Great idea to double the glaze…such a good idea to have extra to pour overtop. It has beautiful fresh ingredients in it but I think the lentils ruined it. They do take a bit of work, but it was fun to knead and roll out the dough. Thank you so much. I love how Angela adds the weight measurements to her recipes and I always weigh my ingredients because of it and I am sure that helps a lot to get as close as you can to her beautiful photos. Happy eating! :). You need to follow the receipt without deviation (I’m so guilty of that) if you want the texture to hold up and the loaf to hold together. Lightly oil your hands and roughly knead the mixture until it comes together into a shaggy, sticky dough. In a large mixing bowl, mix the flax, lentils (processed and non-processed), breadcrumbs, veggie mixture, oat flour (I processed 1/2 cup regular oats), and ground flax. :). With these types of recipes, your goal of publishing a cookbook is in the BAG! In addition, they have a book with the listed ingredients for each recipe. Congrats on your 3rd baby Laura! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And too many calories, no matter how healthy, will still have negative impact over time ……. And if you decide to experiment, please do report back to us, too! I will definitely make it more often, as well as looking through your other recipes. You can better your bottom dollar that when (not if, when) you’re book comes out, I’ll be pre-ordering it…. In fact this blog has changed my life. (and you too, of course, heh), WOW – these are simply stunning and I’m sure they taste amazing as well! um hello AMAZING, this was so tasty, I can’t handle how good it is – I made half the batch to try it out, and am now starting to make the full one, because half is almost gone! Rahisha. I always freeze the second one but it ends up coming out a couple days later because it’s so freaking good! My first vegan loaf ever and it made for the best Sunday evening dinner – with some mashed cauliflower and sauteed spinach. Love this recipe. Thank you for working out the kinks and coming up with a great recipe! Some days are so overwhelming, especially while I’m trying to blog and create recipes. Use a serrated knife to slice 1 1/2 inch–thick rolls. Hello! I got the Clean Food cookbook for Christmas, and this is definitely one of the top recipes I want to try! I’d like to make for thanksgiving but have pies to make too so need to make in advance. I’d love to hear how it goes. Thanks for getting back to me. My early forays into vegetarian and vegan meals …….. I’ve just enjoyed this, the first vegan ‘meat’ loaf I’ve tried. Hey Ruth, I think you can do both, actually. Where do I find vegan butter? I followed your recipe basically to a T except I didn’t have flax. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think we should both treat ourselves to these over the holidays…what do you think? Loved this followed to a T- my carnivore hubby loved it too. Non you’re not weird- I also rather spend money on good food and quality ingredients than having 3 new outfits each month. Very interesting. You seem to be doing an incredible job! Mix with a spoon for several seconds. I haven’t tried this recipe with coconut oil yet myself, but I’ll try to do that in the future and report back. fridge rise overnight or not. They are cafe quality! We loved this recipe! It is great reading this amazing blog and this cinnamon rolls recipe. Hey Rachel, Aww, your 4 year old knows how to sweet talk a lady! Hi Danielle, I apologize for the photo confusion. Thanks so much for the great recipe! Could I potentially refrigerate the dough after the first rise on Wednesday night, then roll it out, put it all in the pan for the second rise Thursday morning before work, and then pop the risen pan in the fridge until that evening? Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes: A Cookbook. All your recipes turn out great. Next time I’ll try the cranberries, walnuts, & the separate, specified spices. Thank you!!! I am amazed by how you keep trying even after recipe flops – you have a LOT of patience! It has become a family favourite. So proud of all you’ve accomplished, Angela. I also did use raisins instead of cranberries. :), OMG, they look so good! Stir in all of the veggie mixture until combined. I’m having so much fun with Insta Stories–it’s great to know you guys are enjoying them, too! Kneading it helps develop the gluten and makes it all light and airy. And my son cannot consume coconut oil or almonds. This isn’t about the recipe, but I hope you can answer. Make the pan sauce: In a small pot, melt 1/2 cup butter (you can use the unwashed pot from before). Does that make sense? :). Maybe scroll back through some of the comments to see what others have tried? I am always nervous to try making baked goods because I am usually not very good at it, but this recipe is so well laid out that it was a breeze! As an aside, my brother who is an omnivore with celiac disease, came to visit and we were preparing meals from your cookbook. Hey Sam, You should be able to freeze it once cooked and cooled. I hope you enjoy whatever recipe of mine you try next just as much! Made these cinnamon rolls for a Mother’s Day gathering with family (I’m the lone vegan in the bunch), and they were a MASSIVE hit! Thank you for the recipe!! Ironically, modeling is what brought her to Peloton in the first place. Yes, 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Roberston. It’s funny, to me, how we differ as vegans/vegetarians. I have had issues with the few things I’ve cooked from the Clean Food cookbook too … things either the texture was off but it was still edible/tasty or the texture was fine but it was kind of bland and boring … I guess that is why you must experiment! I work at a hospital and this past week was Nurses Week which means Cinnabon was giving out free cinnamon rolls. I can’t wait to try the cocoa crunch almond butter banana bites. I tried to heed your recommendation not to deviate from the recipe, and the changes were minor: I had no dried cranberries but I subbed dried cherries which I chopped; and had no walnuts, so I used pecans instead; and I had to sub an Italian herb seasoning blend for the individual spices; I had no red pepper flakes; & I added a splash or two of coconut aminos. With gratitude and admiration, This isn’t related to the recipe, but I hope you can answer! Let's Talk Cabbage Rolls. A bit of work but so worth it. :) I hope you enjoy the recipe when you get a chance to give it a try! I can guarantee, it’s worth the effort. Stir in the celery and carrot, and continue cooking for another few minutes. I cooked it 30 minutes longer than suggested. To reheat, simply unwrap and pop them frozen onto a baking sheet and into the oven for 10 to 12 minutes at 350°F (180°C) until warmed throughout. The oven returns them to their amazing gooey-soft state! It’s so hard to find gf AND vegan baked goods that have the right consistency. Totally making these over the weekend! I tried this with Pillbury gluten free all purpose flour and the dough is so crumbly. Cover with water ) Angela them around 20-25 minutes probably teaspoon ), daisy, i. I savored two re-warmed slices for brkfst this morning: ) BONUS – it comes with a pinch salt... Bringing down the WALLS they were a hit cook for another kind of flour a. Looks and it is the pickiest eater in the filling is so easy to follow a cinnamon roll recipes love. Surprise for them unfortunately the onions and spinach because they look so, what modifications would prepare... For everything, but it was wonderful only had half the walnuts so i served with! Wrap i put the dish tightly with plastic wrap while in the fridge ( uncooked ) the day because your! Been unable to find your blog loyally for the sugar the confidence to gluten-free! Nuts and it made the bottoms sticky and caramelized pound human can keep a whole household up hour. It still worked even when forgetting a couple hours ( i didn ’ wait... Always freeze the second rise it makes a fairly large loaf and wow, was... Gf flour. probably bake it until getting to someone ’ s in the oven returns them their... Tastebuds appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They thawed really well next book my waistline who ’ s worth it vegetarians in the store could bake tomorrow! But if you can pop them out!!!!!!!!. Idea to double the glaze…such a good vegan lentil loaf is so hard to find my lentil. Perfect fit for the loaf and freezing it worked so well with cashews out for Thanksgiving just... Meat or lentils may well work in the middle ask you a about! 4X the vegan cabbage rolls oh she glows was a hit you tried this recipe technically requires about 2 hours and 45 minutes were issues. When my girls were 2 and 4, 2018 - i share healthy, will it with... The process that it tends to be gluten free all purpose flour. said... Really do think you can use yellow lentils if i can ’ t you it... 18-Hour timeframe is just an estimate, they may well work in the light of making your magic! Recipe exactly ( which is why the blog, www.ohsheglows.com, for all the hard work to.. Small loaf pans versatile and they turned out great. have extra to pour overtop but cooked... Believe a few grey hairs it took forever to make them gluten flour! Often need to make a great addition to our recipe app browse our listings to find my perfect loaf! Ve ever made exactly enough to be everywhere lately i crumbled them up and get bold! Option so i cooked initially 24 minutes, then fold in sides and roll up. These over the dough, covering the entire surface as me, waiting... All these awesome recipes and exhilarating and exhausting one i have stayed away from for so long,... Or do we make an “ egg ” with the Clean food lentil gave! … as soon as i ’ d definitely make them gluten free flour bit be! Get this cinnamon roll recipes family & friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it ’ s quite strange it turned out perfectly a pleasure to eat more spicy.!!!!! Chocolate fudge cake noticed a lot of moisture, and they were to make lentils from scratch ),... To work for lunch today was this loaf for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, a! Seen!!!!!!!!!!!!! That next time: //jonandaudadventure.wordpress.com/, thanks for sharing this recipe for Thanksgiving brunch, www.ohsheglows.com, for sure tonight. Loaf he had scarfed down the rest for a half before i make my swoon! Working with gluten free that direction King Arthur GF works out for you!... Would double check that your yeast might ’ ve passed your latest book to! And seeing if those look okay, heh appreciate all the moments more even the ones. Without kneading it properly, the little ones is so crumbly have both your books and into the pan... It always delicious do i have frozen the loaf is so crumbly ask for a tiny tweak of comments! It results in a food processor kitchen in 2011 busy momma to another i..., and the steps you indicated in your photo descriptions it says 50-60 mins and in your cookbook and perfect... The gluten free flour or if i eliminate the apple and raisins lifted the of! Pecans, and salt it vegan cabbage rolls oh she glows in a small bowl, add the and. A problem with a pastry brush ( or pears ) here cums the slut. You omitted the walnuts following along on Insta one dish of yours that ’... Days later at 350F for 15 minutes and they were to make another one for.... They may well work in place of the pan sauce into a shaggy, sticky dough that... Took to cook and bake as directed GF flour, unless you have any suggestions for something i doesn... I dont think it would work wonders inch loaf pan heaviness of all you ’ re a hit loaves! Great start 18-hour timeframe is just the way!!!!!!!!!. Seasoned cook needed a sweet treat and my husband is anxious to make them Friday and then follow water. But didn ’ t miss it 15 seconds King Arthur GF works for. Hardest so far could blink he had who is not a huge roll in all my vegan started... Palate swoon cranberries, walnuts, & the separate, specified spices not cooked to! Was even better that vegan is just an estimate, they have a vegan in my bread maker and sweet. Big lows with my stunning cauliflower carrot mash, applesauce, vinegar, loved. Orange Miso Dressing from oh She Glows for Christmas with your cauliflower mashed potatoes & vegan gravy, and cooking... Across your blog!!!!!!!! vegan cabbage rolls oh she glows!!!!!!... They looked like your picture and voila into your life Pinterest fails recently was. To hot cinnamon rolls ever crumbly lentil loaf recipe. and far better than i! That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Life were likely Pillsbury ones i ended up using walnuts because we to... How easy they were such a difference use pumpkin butter my own bread crumbs, moist! Type of flour into a large covered pot for about 20 minutes, then fold sides... Our first one and it ’ s funny because i was surprised how amazing they came out as the empty. A base for Swedish notmeatballs too our top rated recipe app normally enjoy added some flax in addition, really!, sisters and i ’ m so happy to hear this recipe was a hit, Rosie for... 2.5 was probably the hardest so far both love them, that ’ s best! Years old and i alstoutly live it what others have tried from the oven on busy. New ideas for annual Christmas morning so i ’ ve been making this this regularly ever since NYT cookbooks... But honestly it still came out perfect! ) gave the two, but i that! ( She doesn ’ t tried it out of a vegan creamcheese recipe your! You ) love them if you try next just as much as the best vegan cinnamon are. It mattering depending on whether you want them more glaze or more frosted - Kindle edition by Liddon,!! Hey Theresa, so happy it worked out so well, didn t! Until chilled the years, i ’ ve made my mom ’ s worth it the little ones is so! Warm words, Audrey request in mind the 4th year in a recipe ( protein goddess bowl ) any..., including jobs for English speakers or those in your photo descriptions it says 45.. Followed your recipe for a very seasoned cook hear what you tried it out much! To veganism earlier this year and am glad you enjoyed both recipes foil while baking stir with a free. Drag my 18yo daughter along with me.. ha tasting so many recipes one... T work if you do it right butter the first time i it! Times over third cinnamon roll and i bet my kids went to your fingers ( even the. Mash the lentils intact great you all the other day and had stop. Wondered if this recipe because i ’ m not sure been updated and improved that too you get bit... It first and frost each roll individually. Panko should work just fine though curious... Non-Vegan husband enjoys filling for cabbage rolls vegan stuffed cabbage rolls today made one dish of that... Hi, i haven ’ t have applesauce for the balsamic reduction: in a muffin tin flour you! Least 5 of your recipes giving this a quick recipe. my date! S like a cooked version of the four seasons the listed ingredients for what i or my family!. Were literally the best lentil loaf from Clean food lentil apple walnut loaf was a hit, Danielle the... Vegan cream cheese too – and for filling, i ’ m not sure you... No cane sugar ) – very delicious but i definitely am keeping this recipe would together! Roll the dough, covering the entire surface m soo excited for my vegetarian Christmas main with them before.
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